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Owheely gives those with mobility impairments more independence. Our calendar will guide and help you plan a trip to London much easier, with accessible activities and relevant information. 

Made in a collaboration with Meital Volman. 

Shenkar College, The Web as a Medium Course, 3rd year

Guidance: Haim Agami


The challenge was to create an easy and simple mobile-friendly adjustable calendar with
all the data needed to travel with a mobility impairments, such as: rushing hours,
accessible tickets, stairs, elevators, and blocked ways. We also created an easy
transportation opportunities, considering the user's timing of moving around.

Our 3 main targets were: 
1. Avoiding mental anguish when a disabled person gets to a place that doesn't fit its needs.
2. Giving them the opportunity to travel more spontaneously, like people without those needs.
3. Allowing them to take a family trip, with non-disabled members,
when their disability won't be an obstacle or a concern for them.


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