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With Owheely, we make it easier for those with mobility impairments to plan a trip to London. It includes accessible activities and relevant information to make the planning process easier. 

App Design.

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"I almost never go on a trip at an unknown cities, it takes too much work and preparations."

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1.1 / Persona Research

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Emma McCartney, 30

Lives in Scotland.
Junior Analyst and Accessibility Blogger.
Emma has mobility impairments and uses a wheelchair. 

My Trip

12 days, romantic trip with her husband. 
Shopping and museums.

How do I find info

Facebook Groups


Mostly uses her iPhone.
Uses her laptop to post on her blog.


Concerns, Limitations

Motivations to use Owheely

People hiding the view. 
Stairs blocking her way.
Getting lost.
Finding ADA bathrooms.
Realizing the information I collected online is not up to date.

Cruise on the Thames River. 
Find interesting places for her blog.

Gives info about rush hours.
Gather all the info in one place.

*Full research includes 5 personas. 

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"I always think about what can go wrong, I know it can be anywhere, anytime. Just a few stairs at the entrance of a restaurant and I'm blocked." 

1.2 / Research - Accessibility, London

We searched for information on Accessibility Facebook Groups and blogs. We also interviewed men with mobility impairments to understand the user's better. 

We chose London as Owheely's first destination, as we understood it's a great city for different trips at all ages. 

London has rich transport options, such as: the underground, On river services, Buses, Taxis, Cable car and so on. 

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2. / Targets

Avoiding mental anguish when a disabled person gets to a place that doesn't fit its needs.

Giving them the opportunity to travel more spontaneously, like people without those needs.


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Frame 22.png



Frame 22.png



Allowing them to take a family trip, with non-disabled members, when their disability won't be an obstacle or a concern for them.


We decided to create an easy and simple mobile-friendly adjustable calendar with all the data needed to travel with a mobility impairments, such as: rushing hours, accessible tickets, stairs, elevators, and blocked ways. We also created an easy transportation opportunities, considering the user's timing of moving around.

3. / Solution

Owheely is the solution to not being questioned by others as "are you sure you are going on a trip with a mobility impairment?"

Name Choice: 

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4. / Selected Wireframes


5. / UI, Graphic Choices

We illustrated rectangles for the calendars' activities.

We wanted to users to not think about their disability. 
Therefore, we decided not to use illustrations of wheelchairs, and used those rectangles as our featured illustrations.

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Few final screens: 


Experience the App's Prototype / Short explainer video:

6. / Prototype

Thank you! 

Made in a collaboration with Meital Volman. 

Shenkar College, The Web as a Medium Course, 3rd year

Guidance: Haim Agami

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