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App Design.

Hotelzzz app provides our hotel guests a home-away-from-home experience by allowing them to book rooms, check-in and check-out at any time, from wherever they are. This way, they can maintain the independence, flexability and privacy that they enjoy at home. 

1.1 / Research - The Check-in and Check-out processes

The check-in process: 

• Going to the reception. 

• Identify yourself (ID, Passport etc.), show your reservation

confirmation, and pay by credit card. 

• Get information about the hotel amenities. Breakfast time, Wi-fi password, gym and other facilities the hotel offers. 

• Getting a key for you room. Usually an electronic card, but sometimes you will receive a metal key. In both cases, you will have to return them during your check-out. 

The check-out process:

• Packing your stuff.

• Making sure you didn't forget anything behind. 

• Leaving the room and going to the reception. 

• Bringing back your key and getting a receipt. 

Both processes require reaching the reception physically, waiting in line and asking for the help of the receptionist.


Flexibility and extending your stay

Most hotels have set specific times for check-in and check-out. Guests are obliged to adjust their plans according to the hotel's will. When a guest extends his stay, even if it's just for a few hours, he is being charged by the hotel for another full night.


2. / Goals

Maintaining our guests' privacy throughout their stay.

Providing our guests with the freedom to plan their schedule more spontaneously, as they would at home.

Frame 22.png



Frame 22.png



Frame 22.png



Saving the time and the frustration of waiting for their room, through a digital experience that can be done anywhere, anytime. 


1.1 / Research - Persona 

Frame 18_edited.png

Tomer Levy, 32

Lives in Israel.
Young business investor who travels the world while working from distance.

My Trip

Flexible, depends on how the investment deal goes. Can change between a few hours to a couple of days.

How do I find info

Facebook Groups
Investment blogs



Mostly uses his iPhone. Uses his laptop to from time to time for zoom meetings. 


Concerns, Limitations

Motivations to use Hotelzzz

1. Waiting for a long time at the receptions and being late to his meeting.

2. Paying full price when he has to stay for only a couple of  hours

1. Booking and check-in/out as quickly as possible. 

2. Having a great experience at the hotel that would make him feel at home.

1. Provides him the flexibility he needs. 

2. Saves him time and money. 

3. User friendly and understandable.

An application that provides easy and convenient check-in and check-out options. The application guides the user through the complete check-in process, until he's getting the key. It also gives him the option to extend his staying or book a room for a shorter time, at a discounted price. 

3. / Solution

The hotel

has to have a quick cleaning crew available round-the-clock to take care of rooms after check-outs. 

The guests

have to follow the steps on the app, provide the relevant information and be their own receptionists. 

4. / User flow

Hourly hotel booking. Flexible for you. 

5. / Pain points

5. / UI, Graphic Choices

We illustrated rectangles for the calendars' activities.

We wanted to users to not think about their disability. 
Therefore, we decided not to use illustrations of wheelchairs, and used those rectangles as our featured illustrations.

Frame 14.png

Few final screens: 

Experience the App's Prototype / Short explainer video:

6. / Prototype

Thank you! 

Made in a collaboration with Meital Volman. 

Shenkar College, The Web as a Medium Course, 3rd year

Guidance: Haim Agami

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